Addressing Geographic Variation in Public Health Services and Quality: Advancing PHSSR through a Collaborative Multi-Site Project

Year: 2012
Funding: Multi-Network Practice Outcome Variation Examination Study (MPROVE)
Status: Completed

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The Minnesota (MN) Department of Health (MDH) convenes monthly MN Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) steering committee meetings with representatives from the MN Local Public Health Association, State Community Health Services Advisory Committee and University of MN School of Public Health. Steering committee members act as liaisons to engage their organizations in all phases of research, including development of questions, pilot testing instruments, championing participation, interpreting data, disseminating results and translating findings. Participation in three PBRN surveys has ranged from 83-100%. MN PBRN researchers and practitioners have collaboratively produced issue briefs, manuscripts, state and national presentations and a dedicated web page. Members of the research team bring extensive epidemiological and research experience from local, state and academic settings, and manage an online reporting system used annually by all 75 MN LHDs to report financial, staffing and performance data to MDH. Investigators will work in close collaboration with academic and practice-based PBRN partners, as well as MDH chronic disease, communicable disease and environmental health researchers. A strong foundation of collaboration, combined with existing data collection systems, content expertise, and experience in PHSSR, position MDH and the MN PBRN to be successful partners in this multi-site study. As measures and protocols for this study become defined, the MN PBRN is similarly positioned to coordinate in-state data collection, integrate newly collected data with existing data, and conduct additional state-specific analysis, and champion dissemination and translation. This project will advance efforts already underway in MN to improve the measurement of public health capacity, services and outcomes; create a unified performance management system for MN health departments; and improve the quality, utility and efficiency of local public health grant reporting.



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