Holly Jarman, Ph.D., M.Res.

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Holly Jarman is Research Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan (UM) School of Public Health. She holds a PhD in Political Science, has published in the fields of public health, public policy and information science, and has worked in several policy roles including for the United Kingdom Department of Health. She is a Co-PI for the National Science Foundation’s Community-based Interoperability Networks program, studying the impact of collaborative governance on proprietary data-sharing. Her development plan includes strengthened skills through UM programs in three areas: 1) epidemiology through a graduate summer session; 2) training in systems science modeling through a graduate certificate in complex systems; and 3) individual advising on public health informatics by health informatics program faculty.

Jarman’s research will study implementation of policies supporting Health Information Exchange (HIE) as they relate to the exchange of lab data and immunization records via statewide collaborative networks. Using existing survey data and new interview data, she will construct a simulation model to uncover interventions and incentives to promote incorporation of public health data into HIE.


Collaborative Governance to Support Exchange of Public Health-Relevant Data

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