Public Health Delivery and Cost Studies in the San Joaquin Valley for California

Year: 2013
Funding: Delivery and Cost Studies (DACS)
Status: Completed

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The project aims to identify and compare the costs of delivering three public health services (TB surveillance and investigation, child immunizations, and community needs assessments) in four rural Local Health Departments in the San Joaquin Valley (Category One), to compare the methods and costs of delivering the three public health services across rural LHDs in the SJV and disseminate the information to LHDs throughout the SJV, and to enhance the workforce capacity of LHDs in the SJV to integrate cost analysis into their operations. We propose to use a resource-based costing approach to estimate the cost of resources associated with delivering each of the three services, to develop a costing model to explore the robustness of the results, and to identify the cost-effectiveness of the existing services where appropriate. The project is a partnership between the Public Health Institute, the Health Sciences Research Institute at UC Merced, and LHDs in the SJV. We will work with the SJVPHC to disseminate information to the LHDs in the SJV, to publish the results in appropriate journals, and to work with PBRN members to translate the research discoveries via websites and other electronic media, print, mass media, community forums. The project will aid LHDs in planning for the ACA by providing information on the cost of delivering services and the outcomes they are achieving as a result, and increasing capacity within LHDs to sustain this type of analysis. We will work with LHDs throughout the SJV (through the San Joaquin Valley Public Health Consortium) to disseminate the findings into


Public Health Delivery and Cost Studies in the San Joaquin Valley (Public Health PBRN Research-in-Progress Webinar Series-June 2014)

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