Multi-level Organizational and Structural Predictors of Local Health Department Performance in Evidence-Based Public Health

Year: 2011
Funding: NNPHI PHS2 Award
Status: Completed

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This study will identify factors that influence local health departments to use evidence-based public health strategies addressing population health, social determinants of health and the alleviation of health disparities. This project will inform policymakers of effective ways to support LHDs in applying evidence-based public health and help LHDs identify leverage points for moving their organizations toward a focus on population health.



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  • Toward Evidence-based Population Health Practice in Local Health Departments:  Evidence from the 2010 NACCHO  Profile Survey  (APHA Annual Meeting, 2012)
  • Using expert panels to elicit potential multi-level determinants of EBPH practice related to population health, social determinants, and alleviating health disparities  (APHA Annual Meeting, 2012)

Research Areas


Kay Lovelace, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Robert E. Aronson, Dr.P.H., M.P.H.