Local Variation in H1N1 Response in North Carolina

Year: 2009
Funding: Quick Strike Research Award
Status: Completed

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North Carolina’s PBRN conducted a study of local variation in the content and timing of public health activities to contain the H1N1 outbreak during summer and fall of 2009, with a special interest in testing for differences between accredited and non-accredited public health agencies in the state. The study found that accredited agencies performed a broader range of H1N1 response activities, and implemented investigation and incident command activities more rapidly than did non-accredited agencies. Also as part of their quick-strike project, the North Carolina PBRN conducted a population study of local residents’ awareness of and intention to receive the H1N1 vaccination, focusing on two communities served by PBRN public health agencies. The study found wide variation in both awareness and intention across subgroups within the population, suggesting opportunities for targeted intervention.

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