Developing a Tool for Defining Local Public Health Practice in Obesity Prevention

Year: 2011
Funding: NNPHI PHS2 Award
Status: Completed

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This project will develop an instrument to assess obesity prevention practice through the inventory of programs and activities in local health departments, which will then be used to construct a typology with respect to patterns of practice. An Advisory Board comprised of local health practitioners and stakeholders will contribute to all phases of the study, including instrument development, data interpretation and dissemination. Findings may be used to identify model practices and to guide future implementation strategies aimed at improving public health performance in obesity prevention by targeting strategies appropriately by setting.                                                                                


  • Quantifying Local Public Health Infrastructure for Obesity Prevention through a Practice Inventory of US Local Health Departments (Keeneland Conference April 2014)


Ross Brownson & Katherine Stamatakis
Washington University in St. Louis

Research Areas