Community Health Improvement Planning and Community Health Needs Assessment: Moving toward Collaborative Assessment and Community Health Action in Ohio

Year: 2014
Funding: Quick Strike Research Award
Status: Completed

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The Ohio PBRN will quantitatively and qualitatively assess Community Health Assessments (CHAs) and Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIPs) from a sample of Ohio local health departments (LHDs) and Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs) from a sample of Ohio hospitals. The study asks these questions on the minds of all public health practice and hospital leaders: Who is conducting them? How are they conducting them? Are Evidence-Based Public Health (EBPH) principles being applied? How much is it costing? How are public health partners involved and the community engaged? What are the problems and priorities identified? How do those findings vary across jurisdictions? What are we doing with the findings? How do CHIPs differ from CHAs and CHNAs in content, process and outcome? How do LHD CHIPs/CHAs converge with or diverge from the State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) developed by the Ohio Department of Health? How do LHDs and hospital systems definitions of CHA/CHNA differ? Are communities moving from assessment to action (a defining but under-realized requirement of both CHIPs and CHNAs)? How much and what kind of collaboration between LHDs and hospital systems is occurring to complete CHNAs/CHAs in a mutually beneficial fashion? Does the hospital CHNA requirement represent a stable health system-public health collaboration that can support community health improvement? How can LHDs and hospital systems systematically cross jurisdictional and disciplinary boundaries to learn from and help each other and enhance the health of our communities? 



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Scott Frank, M.D., M.S.