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Rural Michigan contains regions challenged by high levels of socioeconomic stress and limited access to healthcare.  Populations living in these areas are subject to health disparities.  If unaddressed, this situation will contribute to unsustainable cost increases to health and human service systems.   The Michigan Practice Based Research Network (MPBRN) will support interdisciplinary research that will increase the knowledge base for this issue.  This new knowledge will support innovative policy and public health practice initiatives to address health disparities and reduce the financial risk represented by high cost populations with complex needs.   The MPBRN leadership is based on a unique partnership between Western Michigan University and TrueNorth Community Services. 


  • Western Michigan University
  • TrueNorth Community Services
  • Spectrum Health Care
  • Ferris State University
  • Newaygo County Community Mental Health
  • Michigan Area Health Education Center Western Region
  • Michigan District 10 Public Health Department


Kieran Fogarty Ph.D.
Professor Interdisciplinary Health Science Doctoral Program
Western Michigan University

David Wingard Ph.D.
Director of Research and Strategic Development
TrueNorth Community Services

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Kieran J. Fogarty, PhD