The Use of Best Practices by Community Coalitions to Address Tobacco-Related Disparities

Year: 2012
Funding: Jr Investigator Award
Status: Completed


In California, tobacco control activities are conducted by community coalitions led by local public health departments (LHDs). This proposal will examine the use of TRD best practices among community tobacco coalitions in California. Coalitions vary in membership and formalization of procedures and this variation may influence a coalition's ability to implement best practices. RESEARCH AIMS: The proposed research has three aims: 1) Determine the level of TRD best practice use among community tobacco coalitions in California; 2) Determine the context and construct validity of using the CDC-published best practices as a measure of community tobacco coalition performance in addressing TRD; 3) Identify attributes of community tobacco coalitions associated with the use of best practices to address TRD. These aims address the PHSSR's research agenda on comparative effectiveness of public health interorganizational relationships (#14-19). METHOD: We will survey 61 local tobacco control program managers to assess the extent of best practice use among community coalitions. Context and construct validity of best practice items as a measure of coalition performance will be assessed using statistical and qualitative methods. Multivariate regression will test hypotheses concerning associations of coalition diversity and formalization on best practice use. Results will be disseminated to state and local tobacco control officials as well as to the research community via scientific journals and conferences. OUTCOMES: We expect three distinct outcomes from the study findings: 1) Inform policy-makers regarding the level of best practice use for TRD in community coalitions; 2) Assist local coalitions in addressing TRD; and 3) Support future research efforts in assessing performance of community health partnerships.


Rodney McCurdy, Ph.D., M.H.A.


Keith Provan, Ph.D., M.B.A.
McClelland Professor of Management & Organizations
Eller College of Management
University of Arizona


The Use of Best Practices by Community Coalitions to Address Tobacco-related Disparities (Keeneland Conference-April 2012)
Session 4B, 2012 Keeneland Conference


Best Practice Use to Address Tobacco-Related Disparities By California Community Coalitions

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