Utilization and Effectiveness of a Health Equity Index in Mobilizing Local Public-Health Action

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The Connecticut PBRN is refining and expanding a methodology developed by the Connecticut Association of Directors of Health (CADH) to construct a health equity index that measures social and economic determinants of health at the neighborhood level, and to investigate the use of this index by local public health officials to mobilize multi-sector disparity reduction activities. Specifically, the project refines the measurement and reporting elements of the health equity index in order to reflect changes over time in health determinants and to allow for subgroup analyses based on racial and demographic characteristics. Additionally, the project tracks usage of the index by local public health officials and analyzes factors that facilitate and inhibit use.


Tutorial for the Health Equity Index


CT Public Health Practice-Based Research Network: Studies of Local Public Health Funding and Services (CTPHA, October 2012)


Characteristics Of A Local Health Department Associated With The Use Of The Health Equity Index

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