Public Health Accreditation and Quality Improvement Philosophy

Year: 2011
Funding: Quick Strike Research Award
Status: Completed

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The Missouri Public Health PBRN will study the various characteristics of those health departments who sought accreditation and those who did not seek accreditation.  Survey are based on a variety of variables, such as, governance type, population served, funding, regional location, and level of accreditation sought (e.g., primary, advanced, comprehensive).  In addition to the survey, the network completed qualitative interviews using the research questions as a guide.  The interview questions were designed to drill down into the reasons accreditation was approached and a number of quality improvement activities before and after seeing and getting accreditation.  The goal of the study is to better understand if naturally quality improvement seeking agencies sought accreditation of if accreditaiton serves as a quality improvement tool or both.


Accreditation/Performance Assessment On-site reviews in Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, and Washington: Implications for States and an Evolving National Model.

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