Integrated HIV/AIDS and STD Service Delivery in New York: A Natural Experiment

Year: 2011
Funding: Research Implementation Award (RIA)
Status: Completed

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The New York PBRN identified and tested valid and reliable measures of quality associated with delivery of HIV/AIDS and STD services by local public health agencies, and then used these measures as part of a natural experiment to evaluate the impact of a statewide initiative to integrate the delivery of these two service lines. This project assessed the impact of the integration process on staff attitudes and job satisfaction, client awareness and utilization of services, and service quality based on adherence to evidence-based practices. Results of this study yielded validated measures for assessing the quality of HIV and STD service delivery, as well as other efforts to integrate public health service programs.


More with Less or Less with More? Understanding the Costs of Integrating HIV/STD Prevention Programs in New York State (June 2013)


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