Factors that Influence the Timeliness and Quality of Community Health Assessments: A Prospective, Double-Cohort Study

Year: 2011
Funding: NNPHI PHS2 Award
Status: Completed

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The purpose of this study is to identify factors that contribute to timeliness and quality of outputs and outcomes of Community Health Assessments (CHAs) and a Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIPs).The sampling frame will be all local health departments (LHDs) in Kansas. Starting in 2001, LHDs have joined forces and shared resources through public health regional agreements, which have resulted in the formation of 15 regions across the state. The project will use a prospective double-cohort design. LHDs planning to conduct a CHA-CHIP will be assigned to one of the two cohorts: region-led CHA or county-led CHA. The effect of several factors on the timeliness and quality of the CHA-CHIP process in each cohort will be assessed, two of which are of particular interest: (1) the effect of local partnerships between LHD and hospitals; and (2) the role of a statewide web-based information system in support of CHAs. The quantitative portion of the study will collect characteristics of each jurisdiction using four web-based surveys. The qualitative portion will include a series of focus groups and structured interviews conducted with members of each cohort. The cohort study design will allow a rigorous assessment of cause and effect and change over time. The use of a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods will provide a rich context to understand how a CHA-CHIP process can be completed in a timely manner and with high-quality results. 







Gianfranco Pezzino & Ruth Wetta-Hall
Kansas Health Institute

Research Areas