Expanding the Evidence for Local Public Health Quality Improvement & Quality Assurance

Year: 2011
Funding: Research Acceleration & Capacity Expansion Supplement (RACE)
Status: Completed

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This study from the Georgia affiliate PBRN examines the impact of a quality improvement collaborative model implemented through Georgia’s regional public health districts on the implementation and effectiveness of local public health QI activities. Building on the methods and results of an ongoing quick-strike project, this study compares QI activities organized through Georgia’s regional public health district structure with QI activities organized through Georgia’s state health department structure. Pre-intervention and post-intervention measures of QI practices and outcomes are being collected via surveys of staff from each QI project, supplemented with qualitative data collected through interviews with key informants. Findings will provide practitioners and policy-makers with evidence regarding the organizational structures and implementation processes that are most effective in facilitating successful QI processes in public health.



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William C. Livingood, Ph.D.

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