Cost Effectiveness of Partner Notification and Optimal Intensity of Partner Notification for STD Control and Prevention in Louisiana

Year: 2010
Funding: NNPHI PHS1 Award
Status: Completed

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This study will examine whether the implementation of partner notification is a cost-effective option as part of sexually transmitted disease (STD) control activities and if so, determine the optimal way that the Louisiana STD Control Program should conduct partner notification. The findings of this project will help improve financing of STD control programs as well as resource allocation in STD control activities.                                                                                 


  • Efficient Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Control and Prevention through Partner Notification in High Morbidity States – A Louisiana Perspective (ISSTDR July 2011)
  • Incremental cost-effectiveness of introducing partner notification with selective screening for STD control in Louisiana (Keeneland Conference April 2011)


Mahmud Khan & Mohammad Rahman
Tulane University

Research Areas