Comparative Effectiveness Research Tools for Examining Public Health Services and Outcomes

Year: 2011
Funding: Research Acceleration & Capacity Expansion Supplement (RACE)
Status: Completed

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This project of the North Carolina PBRN applies new methodological approaches from the field of comparative effectiveness research (CER) to an ongoing study of the impact of a state funding reduction policy on local public health delivery of evidence-based maternity outreach and postpartum services to low-income women and their children. The new methodological approaches augment the existing research by: (1) enhancing the current propensity score matched analysis to provide improved control groups for estimating policy impact, and (2) allowing researchers to better estimate differences in policy impact across a range of vulnerable subgroups of women and children. Findings will illustrate how novel CER methods can be applied to strengthen the evidence produced by studies of public health policies, services, and outcomes.



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