Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs): A Public Health System Effort to Address Prescription Drug Abuse

Lainie Rutkow, JD, PhD, MPH, Katherine Clegg Smith, Jon Vernick, and Robyn Broadnax, MA  •  May 25, 2017

Public health agencies’ quality improvement interventions to deliver cost effective services to prevent and control STIs

W. Livingood, PhD, L. Bilello, K.L. Bull, MPH, U. Choe, DO  •  May 25, 2017

Effect of Variations in State Emergency Preparedness Laws on the Public Health Workforce’s Willingness to Respond in Emergencies

Lainie Rutkow, JD, PhD, MPH; Jon S. Vernick, MPH; Carol B. Thompson, MS, MBA; Daniel J. Barnett, MD, MPH  •  June 23, 2016

Estimating the Costs of Foundational Public Health Services

Glen P. Mays, PhD, MPH  •  June 23, 2016

New Methods and Measures to Assess the Impact of the Economic Recession on Public Health Outcomes: Study Implications

Anna P. Schenck, PhD, MSPH; Anne Marie Meyer, PhD; Dorothy Cilenti, DrPH, MPH, MSW; Tzy-Mey Kuo, PhD; Carol Gunther-Mohr, MA; Lisa Macon Harrison, North Carolina Institute for Public Health  •  June 23, 2016